Godzilla Planet Of The Monsters: Review

When I heard the director of Knights of Sidonia and Blame was going to be directing the new Godzilla anime film on Netflix I was admittedly excited. I’m a huge fan of both series and I always thought his style would lend itself well to an all out monster film like Godzilla would be. Luckily I was not wrong at all, his style is fantastic in the hands of a great title like Godzilla. I loved so much of the universe building that was going on and the Sci-Fi elements that they brought into the story.


The film begins with every Godzilla fan’s fantasy; all the monsters appearing right off the bat in this crazy montage showing monsters take over the planet. We even get a glimpse of Mechagodzilla as it tries to be fired up right as Godzilla is getting to it’s lab and it is blown away by Godzilla’s Atomic breath. So right from the start, they (humanity) used all the old tricks and they’ve lost. Humanity literally leaves the planet and crosses the Galaxy in a hopeless journey to try to find life somewhere else but there isn’t any, at all. So out of options they turn back towards earth with a main character out for revenge against our now monstrous Godzilla. They don’t just head back to Earth, they are out to take it back.

So after the amazing beginning Montage the pace gets a little slow as it establishes the universe but compared to other Godzilla films it’s still a brisk pace. The real shit starts to go down once they’re actually get back on Earth and they start to execute their plan to take down Godzilla and it’s one of the cooler and more action-packed climaxes of any Godzilla film; just because of all the Sci-Fi elements going on. Everything looks cooler with lasers. Fact. And I won’t ruin the ending but it’s one of the best Godzilla endings ever. Solid Cliffhanger, leaving you needing more.

For Non Godzilla fans this maybe a little slow for everyone’s taste but as a Godzilla fan you kind of know what you’re getting into. They also introduce a bunch of characters to just either kill them for impact or to have small relationship moments that if they don’t pan out in the already confirmed sequel it will feel less impactful. The animation is very solid and looks great, less reminiscent of the early seasons of Knights of Sidonia and more the fluidity of Blame! Mostly I just want the other part 2 of this Godzilla film. So let’s have it now I want it now please.




GoG Break Down:

How it was viewed: Netflix Stream in 4K

Running time: 1hr 28m

Recommend viewing: Recommended for Godzilla fans and Knights of Sidonia fans

Why you should see it: Godzilla and Sci-Fi go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Why you shouldn’t see it: You’re the monster (you don’t enjoy Sci-Fi or Godzilla)


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