Godzilla: The City On the Edge of Battle: Review

I always thought animation would be a perfect fit for Godzilla because you could animate the craziest monster action scene you could think of. These two Anime Godzilla films don’t go all out and that might be their strong suit but also their greatest weakness.

Godzilla 2: The City On The Edge of Battle picks up almost exactly where the last Netflix Godzilla ends. Yet somehow drops the momentum of the end of the first film in the first thirty minutes. It spends a large amount of time introducing the last remnants of humanity, a tribe that worships the last Mothra egg and somehow has a metal that can kill the Godzilla like creatures all over the planet. We slowly learn that this metal is actually from the last remaining bits and pieces of Mecha Godzilla. Our heroes then meander over through a forest infested with monsters with Godzilla like abilities. Then as they are about to be overwhelmed a giant metal spike kills the monsters. And then we see it. The actual good part of this movie.


We learn Mechagodzilla actually lived through this attack in the first movie and has been fighting back against Godzilla by becoming a living, self building city. Luckily, our heroes can control Mechagodzilla still and in turn can control all of Mechagodzilla City. After a lot of exposition about Mechagodzilla City we get into the final hour of the film, as our heroes use this new power to build a trap to kill Godzilla for good. Of course the director of Knights of Sidonia makes the Mechagodzilla City make mech suits for the humans to fly and distract Godzilla with. The next hour is a fury of mech and monster action that as a Godzilla fan I approve of highly. I think they really nailed an edge of your seat ending and Godzilla fight. All I will say is the main character ends the movie sobbing but you will be excited to see him tormented more by Godzilla in hopefully a part three.

Godzilla: City on The Edge of Battle is a solid and more refined sequel then the first Netflix anime Godzilla film. It plays to its mech strengths and delivers a great finish. I just wish the pace didn’t slow down so much and the Mothra subplot actually played out to something. This is animation, you can make anything happen, you should have more monsters in it then any live action Godzilla. Don’t get me wrong, you get plenty of Godzilla screen time in this movie but he is more a force of nature here and I would have enjoyed more monsters I love. Maybe part three.

In short, more monsters please.


8 out of 10 Tera watts of Atomic Blast!

TLDR Review: My anime Godzilla dreams may not have been fulfilled but they are satisfied. The director plays more to his strengths and it ends up being a very action packed and cool Godzilla film.


GoG Break Down:

How it was viewed: Netflix Stream in 4K

Running time: 1hr 40m

Recommend viewing: Recommended for Godzilla fans

Why you should see it: Godzilla can’t be stopped but dammit these humans are gonna try with mechs this time!

Why you shouldn’t see it: You didn’t like the first one, you probably won’t find anymore enjoyment here


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