November Pokemon Go: Still Going Strong

Pokemon GO is continuing their success in the re-growth of Pokemon Go. Niantic has made some bold moves to continue this growth. Here is some of the things going on in November in Pokemon Go!

Shines Galore

There has been a large amount of events this month to release new shiny Pokemon.

Ponyta and Cubone due to Ingress Prime – A short unexpected release of 4 new shiny Pokemon came due to Niantic’s first game, Ingress, celebrating Ingress Prime. This came with Ponyta (Blue Shiny) and Cubone (Green Shiny), which represents the 2 factions of Ingress, as well as Niantic getting rid of the Gen 1 shiny backlog.


Shiny Gengar in Raids was released in November, but was kind of part of the Halloween event. This shiny variant is very disappointing, but it won’t be once Pokemon Go introduces Mega Pokemon



Caterpie for the Bug Month? Yes, you can now want to catch Caterpie again due to this being a resurgence in bugs due to Shedinija, who is November’s breakthrough task. It’s also another Gen 1 shiny that Niantic can cross of it’s list in releasing.


Budew in Eggs?! Yes, the baby Pokemon of Roselia is now available in Pokemon Go, and since Roseilia has a shiny variant already, it only makes sense for Budew to have one right out the gate. This Pokemon is a Gen 4 baby Pokemon, but also has another evolution in Gen 4 to Roserade (from Roselia), and with those eventual Gen 4 evolution coming out, this one made the most sense for Pokemon Go.


Cyndaquil Community Day


Besides the hiccup in the Asian-Pacific, the Cyndaquil CD was a success for most. It seemed like they released a large amount of shinies, and I hope you were able to find some. Personally I got over 10 shinies in a few hours. Hopefully you were lucky enough to get a shiny and evolve to get Blast Burn, which is a great fire type move!


More Gen 4 Coming Soon?

There are reports of a Sinnoh stone found in the Pokemon Go network traffic. Sinnoh Stone doesn’t really exist in any of the official Pokemon games, but it was created in a fan made Pokemon knock off game (Project Pokemon) that debuted on the Roblox platform. Sinnoh Stone is a special evolution stone that allows certain species of Pokemon to evolve.

It appears that this Sinnoh Stone could be used to evolve all Pokemon GO’s cross evolution lines that get a new evolution stage in Sinnoh. If true, I hope Niantic makes it relatively easy to get, since there are a lot of Pokemon that will need to use this stone.


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