Pokemon Go Rumors: What Will Be December’s Rewards and Raid Bosses?

Every month Pokemon Go has a community day and a special raid boss day. With November’s community day over already, we are getting very excited for December, though it will be snowy in most of the northern areas.

Ralts will be December’s Community Day

This one seems to make the most sense, considering the trend of starter Pokemon then an uncommon Pokemon. The idea right now is it’s going to be either Slokoth, Ralts or Bagon. I just hope it’s not Slokoth, and I don’t think they would do Beldum then Bagon, that would be way too epic, unless they did a Dragon Month in Pokemon Go. That leaves Ralts, who seemingly just fits in perfectly with December since their will be another release of Gen 4, and guess who has a Gen 4 evolution in Pokemon GO? RALTS! Gallade will be released sometime soon, so it seems to be the perfect way to releasing him into the wild.

Groudon Raid Day

I hope it’s more than just a day, personally, it could be for a weekend but Groudon seems logical. They should do either Rayquaza or Groudon next, and my guess is that Groudon will be the next one before Rayquaza. Obviously, it will always be nice for Shiny variants available for a community day!


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