Pokemon Go Wish List: Dragon Month

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Dragons are one of the favorite types of Pokemon in the game, and honestly, they don’t get a lot of love. I think bringing some more Dragon types in an event would be amazing and continue the hype of Pokemon Go has been on. Here is a list of my thoughts, some very possible, others probably not…


Bagon Community Day

Bagon Community Day is very likely to happen, so why not have it during a celebration of all dragon types?! Releasing a shiny version on Bagon will be amazing! There isn’t much more debate about this one, it will happen, hopefully during a dragon celebration…


Dragons Unleashed in Raids

Releasing Bagon Community day is a start, but you have to have raids to really celebrate the awesomeness of Dragons. Unfortunately there is no year of the Dragon coming soon, we will just have to create something ourselves. We have a lot of Dragon type Pokemon in the game and they are extremely rare. So raids where you have to work for these Pokemon makes some sense, though some of the placing and odds of this happening are slim, but these are my ideas.


Tier 1- Dratini (shiny version available), Gible (official gen 4 release)

Tier 2- Vibrava

Tier 3- Alolan Executtor, Altaria

Tier 4- Kingdra, Salamance

Tier 5 raids would obviously be Rayquaza, with his shiny variant available would be the icing on the cake! Latios and Latias would also be nice to feature in this.


Figuring out the tiers was by far the most difficult part of the raids section but I do think this does work on some sort of level. I would love to see Dragonite in the raid system but Dratini would make more sense and add more excitement by the shiny possibility.

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