Geeky Black Friday Guide (Games, Toy’s and More)

Black Friday is a day for all to save after eating way too much food on Thanksgiving. That is no different for us geeks. This year, we have a lot of geeky materials you probably should check out on Black Friday, so without further ado, let’s see what we recommend you checking out on Black Friday.


Xbox One S or PS4 Slim Bundles – $200 (Basically Everywhere- Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Target)

Still haven’t dived into this current gen? Or are you looking to upgrade your original consoles? This is a perfect way of doing so. PS4 Slim is the preferred console for gamers this gen and honestly has better games, will be released with Spider-Man the game, which is universally deemed as one of the best games of 2018. If you are an Xbox fan or want to be able to watch movies in 4k, which the PS4 doesn’t do, you can get this console with Minecraft, a game that all kids seem to love.


65” 4k Smart TV’s from Sharp or Roku- $399 (Walmart)

This deal is insane! 4k TV’s are getting cheaper but this doorbuster is beyond a good deal. The TCL TV is a pretty good quality TV, especially for the price, while Sharp is not a slauch either. Both TV’s have Roku, which I can vouch as being a really good smart TV if you are looking to not have to turn on another device to watch your streaming services. Definitely a great buy! Or you can go to Best Buy and get a 43” 4k TV from Toshiba that has Fire TV installed for only $130!


40” Hisense 1080p TV – $99 (Walmart)

Though Hisense is definitely not a brand that has any consumer trust, it’s a $99 40” TV, it’s probably worth a shot…


Google Home Hub – $99 (Basically Everywhere- Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, etc)

If you are thinking of getting into the smart home technology, this is definitely an option you want to consider. This tablet like product is going to give you everything that the Google Home mini does, with a screen to do much more. But you aren’t wanting or needing a screen, the Google Home mini goes for $25 on Black Friday. If you are more of an Amazon fan, the Echo Dot is on sale for $20 at Target.


Arcade 1up – $249 (Walmart)

As of writing this, I’m not 100% sure if it’s all Arcade 1up machines at this price, which the add kind of states it is, or if it’s just the Walmart exclusive ones, which hare Pac-Man or Galaga, both of this are still amazing deals for nostalgic purposes or if you have ever been interested in owning an arcade machine. Note, these are ¾ scale, so don’t expect full machines.


Video Games

This year I do feel like a lot of games aren’t getting the deals like previous years, but here is a list of games that are probably worth getting on Black Friday…

Dragon Ball Z Fighters – $25 on Switch (Walmart) or $17 on PS4/XBONE

Monster Hunter World – $17 on PS4/XBONE (Walmart)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – $35 (Walmart)

God of War – $25 (Target)


Pokemon TCG Tins – 50% (Target)

Every year Target does this and a few years ago I bought way too many of these tins because my daughter got into the TCG. But with that said, it’s still an amazing deal if you collect Pokemon cards.


As always, if you are more of a cinephile, the big box retails have some amazing deals, especially doorbusters. What are you getting on Black Friday?

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