Top 5 Best Fighting Games On Switch


The Fighting game genre seems to be a perfect fit for the Nintendo switch. You and a friend can play a couple rounds anytime, anywhere with just the console on you. Today we take a look at the best, the worst and laziest of the genre on Nintendo’s most successful console.

Here is my top five favorite fighting games on switch. Excluding Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which will obviously be the best fighter when it drops in December.


  1. Brawlhalla

I was literally almost done with this article when Brawlhalla dropped for Free on the eShop and messed up my list. Brawlhalla just got Rayman in its roster but I always liked to describe Brawlhalla as Rayman Fighter. It’s floaty and snappy like how  Rayman Legends controls. It’s a platform fighter like Smash Bros but you can jump and float like kirby but with every character. Sure the floating can be frustrating at first, but it is something you get used to. One thing I like and don’t like about Brawlhalla is it is very Item heavy, items come down constantly and sometimes are necessary to make a character truly useful. Every character has two set items and it’s fun to find out what each item can do but it also leads to a lot of spamming of one good move on a certain characters item. Yet Brawlhalla is first on this list because it is free, and you can play with anyone, especially with the very fast online match making. The best fighter is the fighter you can play with everyone. Also it will fill that Smash hole in your library for that last month.


  1. BlazBlue Tag Team Cross

Love RWBY or BlazBlue? The FGC giant, Blazblue, first switch game is a crossover game with the anime RWBY, which I guiltily love, and two other fighting games that I definitely didn’t care as much about as I did for RWBY and BlazBlue characters. After all the news/hubbub about this games character roster, I can safely say that you have plenty of characters to play around with in the base game and with the rest of the RWBY characters being a free download, we can all put our pitchforks away. It is a lot of fun to play, until you go online and get destroyed online by some expert in a combo. The community has died off due to games further down this list, so it is basically only noobs or the best of the best still online. I played through all the story lines and I can say it is quite the boring and cookie cutter crossover plot. Good thing the game plays well and it is just great to see RWBY characters kicking butt with the likes of my favorite, Noel Vermillion, is great.


            3.Pocket Rumble

Again I say, the best fighter is the fighter you can play with anyone. Switch’s pick up and play with anyone playstyle is perfect for a fighting game and leaning into that is Pocket Rumble. With bright 8 bit graphics, Pocket Rumble does not hide its influences, yet it is able to even more simplify fighting controls to work on a single joy con. Everything is done with two buttons and directions, making it the simplest control scheme on this list. Yet simple does not mean it can’t get deep or intense. The roster is full of original characters that I instantly was charmed by. My favorite character was June, a ghost girl with Spooky moves including throwing her own head and hair drills from the ground. Yet all characters have the same hit box and same number of super moves. The online match making is super simple and easy. Sure this game was delayed for a long time (according to fans) but If you are looking for a great budget fighter, I can’t recommend Pocket Rumble enough.

  1. SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy

If you want to get really deep into SnK Heroines, read my review right here. Mostly I will concentrate on why it is number two on this list. SnK Heroines is another simplified controlled fighter but making use of your whole Pro controller, which you should have if you are playing fighting games on switch. The graphics are top notch and look great on the TV and handle held. The amount of unlockables make this a great game to play single player, the interesting fighting system makes it fantastic to play with friends or online.

  1. DragonBall Fighterz

Fighterz is fantastic, definitely one of the best new fighting games in a long time. You know what makes Fighterz better? Taking it with you anywhere you go! Fighterz easily takes the top spot with its flashy graphics, huge roster, fun fighting system and biggest community playing the game. The graphics make some fights look like you are playing the anime, even in handheld mode. The game plays extremely smooth and the fighting system just feels right. You feel powerful like a Saiyan right from picking up the controller but the skill ceiling is very high. The roster is huge right out of the cartridge, very balanced but also full of fan favorite characters and if you fall in love with this game, there is a lot of fun dlc. I myself had to buy Broly. The story mode is the only drawback to this wonderful game, it just goes on and on, get ready for a lot of ghost fights for houuuurs. Yet thank God that it is so easy to play local with friends or take the fight online. A lot of the games on the list are older and their online communities have dwindled but Fighterz seems to hold strong. If you are a DragonBall fan, this is a must buy, if you are a Fighting game fan, this is the best buy.


Worst Fighting Game on switch: WWE 2K18

This game is BROKEN! DO NOT BUY. the company has already said they have no plans for a fix or a sequel and I say goooooood!


Laziest Fighting game: Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers

Basically just put new “HD” models over Street Fighter 2. This game wouldn’t be such a slap in the face if they had not released the 30th anniversary game, which came with a ton of different versions of Street Fighter 2, basically making this game superfluous.


Again the list is

  1. DragonBall Fighterz
  2. SnK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
  3. Pocket Rumble
  4. Blaze Blue Tag Team Cross
  5. Brawlhalla

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