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Diablo 3 review

Diablo 3 confidently strides onto Nintendo Switch, like the Wizard I played as. The epic Gothic story, deep RPG elements and great multiplayer options fits perfectly in Switch’s library. Blizzard and Nintendo knew it was a big deal, that is why they did the console bundle. As a complete virgin to the Diablo series, I sure didn’t understand but after entering the endless grind, I can see all the hype.

The Diablo series were always games I heard were great but never got around to it. So other than watching some friends play before, I went in pretty blind to Diablo 3. I’m really glad I did, learning how deep of an RPG it was and it’s epic story really drew me in. I was immediately charmed by how much thought was put into monster and area design. I began falling in love and then the endless grind started and I couldn’t stop.

Earlier this year I was hoodwinked into playing a bunch of the very very glitchy Titan Quest. I can let you know that every little thing that could be better than Titan Quest are better. Blizzard brings the production. The music, the voice acting, the gaming world and the gameplay are all well thought out and done to what you would expect from a AAA studio.

I feel I have to say why I loved the story so much. Sure it was epic and built up to a really awesome series of battles that really satisfy. Yet what I really loved about is it’s balls. I’m going to spoil the story, so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want spoilers. SPOOOOILER. I love that they kill Ash and she stays dead. In so much modern media, you have a tragic hero who gets killed by the enemy and in so many stories they bring them back at the end. NOT DIABLO! They are like she is dead and so is her soul, you can’t save her, she is gone. I was like oh well that will totally be like the last act or something. But Nope, gone. This single aspect made me really love this story. Sure all the different side quests are just world building enough without going on and on and the action keeps up at a great pace without getting stale, sure. But them keeping Ash dead, that’s my shit right there.



So what is wrong with Diablo 3, well only a few nitpicks. Multiplayer on the same console is super fun but it gets confusing when you are trying to play with your seasonal character and a profile on your switch that doesn’t have Switch Online subscription. Multiplayer online is quick and well made but if you are not fully through the story, avoid joining friend’s adventure mode games, just to avoid spoilers, it happened to me, it can happen to you. As someone who came in blind into Diablo 3, I was totally confused why it had five acts. Especially I was confused during act 4 when the story was obviously wrapping up. I later learned that act 5 was a DLC act and that makes a lot of sense playing it. Thank God, act five is one of the best parts of the game. Its so well rounded and expands on the great ideas of the earlier acts. Also the last nitpick, your ether embrace the endless grind or it will grind you. I love the grind and it is easier with such portability but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Diablo 3 is wonderful add to switch library and RPG and story game lovers should rejoice. As a first time player, I was instantly charmed and couldn’t stop playing and there is no need to stop when you can take it with you. I don’t know how a returning player would feel about this port but I’m glad when such a long and well done game is added to my switch.


8.5 out of 10


GoG Break Down

Console: Nintendo switch

Price Paid: $48 (20% off with Best Buy Gamer’s Club)

Hours Played: 35 hours (25 hours for Story, 5 Hours to do one loop of Bounties)


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