Why Daniel Bryan Turning HEEL was WRONG!

Daniel Bryan just turned heel, if you haven’t been watching wrestling. This move has been met with both cheers and boos. Because it has been controversial, I have made an argument for why both sides of the coin. This one obviously is why turning him heel was wrong.


He’s Your Biggest Face Wrestler

Though his run as a babyface coming back from injury could have and should have been better, he still was undoubtedly the biggest face on WWE. The fans cheered him more than anyone, and though his merchandise was terrible, people still bought it. While you still have big babyface wrestlers on the roster, including the one he’s feuding with currently, AJ Styles, they missed a huge opportunity to make Bryan even a bigger star after coming back from retirement. They still had time to build him back up and make him the top star in WWE.

YES! Movement

This one goes along the lines of the argument of him being the biggest face wrestler. He clearly has a huge fan base and one that has supported his lack luster merchandise. With you moving away from the YES! Moment, you lose all merchandise opportunity of the YES moment. You lose out the excitement fans bring into the YES chants that electrified many audiences for many years. I get that an act can grow stale if you don’t change things up, but I don’t think we were close to having the fan base grow stale of the moment.
Plus, it is just me or is it odd that despite the fact he has abandoned the YES moment, his title plates say YES?

Miz vs Bryan is Different Now

Bryan vs Miz is a feud that must always continue, similar to Zayn vs Owens, Ambrose vs Rollins, etc. Some feuds seem destined to continue, even if the dynamics are different. This one may be a success story like Ambrose vs Rollins, in which both have played the face and heel and it seems like it worked both ways. Miz and Bryan may have that potential, but Miz is best served as a heel, and does anyone want to see face Miz stand up to heel Bryan? No… And with the lack of babyface challengers to Bryan, the options are limited for Bryan to feud with.

Though I love Bryan as a heel and he just knows how to do it, to me, if he just had better writing as a babyface wrestler, he could have gone years without a character refresh. But because WWE cannot properly write a babyface, this may have been the only option for Bryan in the end.


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