Why Turning Daniel Bryan HEEL is RIGHT!

Last week in wrestling has been a shock, which was topped off in Daniel Bryan turning heel. Now, I completely see why people are mad about his turning heel and I have written another column to discuss why it was a bad decision, but in this article, I want to tell you why it was 100% right him to turn heel.


Being a Face in 2018 Wasn’t Fully Clicking

As much as people hate to admit it, Daniel Bryan is not clicking like he did in 2016 when he was his most over. He’s still popular obviously, but it’s definitely not the same and I don’t think he could have come back to those levels, so why try? Daniel was always going to be fighting the ghosts of his past success.
I also think that Daniel Bryan was big in 2016 due to his superior wrestling technique, but since then, WWE, and particularly Smackdown Live, has greatly gotten better in in-ring wrestling, particularly AJ Styles, so as much as Bryan is great, he’s not the only option.
He also clearly thrives as a heel, which is actually one of the reasons he got over in the first place. The Yes/No chants came from him trying to be annoying, and it worked at first until the fan base flipped it and made it a cheer for him.


Bryan vs Styles, again…

If you seen the heel turn live, Daniel Bryan was brutal and left AJ laying unconscious after their match. That only made AJ more of a sympathetic face, and Daniel Bryan the heel. Now the wrestling between the 2 have been pretty good in their first 2 match, but lacked the connection to the match that face/heel matches have. We want to boo someone and we want to cheer someone, and we didn’t want to boo a face Bryan or Styles, so this decision makes it easier for us to choose. Styles will have a rematch with Bryan, and possibly multiple, and if WWE was smart, having their 2 best wrestlers wrestle at Wrestlemania would be a draw and possibly headline the show.


Miz Face Turn?

There is a lot of rumors of the Miz turning face, which only got louder when the Miz used the figure four leg lock at Survivor Series, the move that he was given when he turned face. Now, the Miz is undoubtable popular and known more than ever with his new reality show, but it would be a mistake to make him face. The only benefit of him turning face is that you can use this change in dynamic to redo Miz vs Bryan dynamic, which is one of the longest running feuds that surprisingly hasn’t gone stale. This feud screams Wrestlemania championship match that we would be happy with.


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