HG Gundam Helios Review

The flagship Gundam from Gundam Breaker Mobile can now be in the palm of your hands! But is it worth it? Oh totally 

The High Grade line of Gundam Model kits has been constantly improving with every model and the whole line is completely different than what it was ten years ago. The Gundam Helios is definitely a new generation of HGs! All the parts are color correct except for a few “shining” stickers. Great separated plastic that all came together beautifully and ends up being a really satisfying build even though it might be one of the biggest HG boxes I own. I think the best separated plastic is the clear “Psycho frame” parts scattered throughout the body. They look awesome on the model and give this kit such a powerful look. 


The Gundam Helios doesn’t just look good. It is packing too! Decked out with weapons. 4 Cannons throughout the backpack, a beam shield, a unique rifle and blades galore! It is one powerful looking kit that looks like it can take out a fleet! The Wings on the backpack are also super dangerous looking. There are a lot of great varieties of positions you can achieve with the wings, it gives this kit some great attitude. They can give so many different looks, this is definitely the most versatile backpack I have built. It is not big and chunky like the backpack on the HG Gundam Perfect Strike Freedom. This is layered blades together to fan out in any way you want. Mostly I love the “F-91” look of the backpack, cannons and beam shield. I dig the F-91 movie but have not built anything from it yet, so this was a nice treat. 


The separated plastic of this kit is one of the reasons this is a “Next Gen” High Grade. Plenty of parts that come together beautifully, making a slick looking kit with no stickers. Then the added gimmicks in the legs and arms to open and show off the Psycho-Frame parts are such a pleasant addition. I am always impressed when a gimmick can be simple and not ruin the model. The separation of color and parts in the chest piece is so nice and clean, you got to love it. 

My one real complaint about this kit is the waist connection. It is a simple ball connection and it is just not strong enough to hold the upper half and the backpack well. It popped off several times during my shoot and was pretty frustrating at times. Without the backpack, the main suit is actually really solid but the waist connection is just not strong enough once the weight of the backpack is added. It is not a real dealbreaker for this kit, it is just too awesome. It is just a dumb problem to have on a kit that does so many other aspects just right. 


I would definitely say this is one of the best of the Gundam Breaker Battlogue line, maybe one of the best HGs. In my ranking, I would say it is probably the 2nd best in the entire line. It is such a fun remix of a few great kits, making something new and beautiful. It is decked out with weapons and has a really awesome backpack. The clear green parts spread throughout, really make this gundam pop. With a fun build with great color separated plastic, this is so good. The weak waist connection is dumb but not a dealbreaker for this dope kit. 


I am going to use the rating system from my podcast The Warped Shelf of owning this kit. The rating system goes, Pre Order it, Get it now, Get it on Sale and Nope. I would say this is a Pre-Order! My highest recommendation! I know these were flying off the shelves at Target, so get it as soon as you can and check out the “Next Gen” of High grades!


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