Review: Defender II (Android) – Monsters, Crossbows and Fireballs oh my!

Defender II is a tower defense title for your Android powered smart phone where you must defend your castle wall from an ever-increasing army of various monsters. To do this you must use your badass crossbow and various magic (and other upgrades) to fend off their advances. Featuring what seems like a countless number of stages and an online multiplayer, […]

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Review: Angry Birds SPACE

SPACE: The final frontier.  Or is it?  For all those that just about played Angry Birds to the point of admitting yourself to a rehabilitation clinic, prepare to take another fat dose of bird slinging fun.  The makers of Angry Birds have gone galactic and tossed in a bit of education on top of it.  WTF?  We’re going to subconsciously […]

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