Review: Disenchantment: Part 1 – When you wish upon a streaming service

Disenchantment Logo

Disenchantment, a Netflix original animated series, is the newest outing of Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening. That alone should be enough to catch most viewer’s attention (something Netflix is no doubt counting on) but can the iconic mind behind some of TV’s biggest successes repeat the magic of his earlier shows or is this fantasy comedy destined to be […]

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Dr. Geek: Threats to the Future of Television

Film and television geeks like to watch copious amounts of either film or television.  Their whole geek-cred starts there, and then it may extend into other pursuits, from attending film festivals to find fresh faces of hip directors, to attending pop culture conventions to get the autograph from the TV star of that series no one else has ever heard […]

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